Monday, July 4, 2011

TIK 5th Yarniversary party

I was very excited indeed to be able to attend the 5th Yarniversary event in Dublin last week. The lineup was stellar, including The Famous Ms Bliss, crochet diva Aoibhe Ni, the super-talented and prolific knit designer Carol Feller and Mr KnitLab himself, Kieran Foley.

Ms Bliss won't mind I'm sure when I say that it was meeting the Irish designers that was the highlight of the event for me.

And that's not to mention the...oh, I dunno...100+ enthusiastic yarnistas from all over the country. With all the catchup up and knit chatter and the oohh-ing and ahh-ing over the knit samples the buzz was something else. It was very entertaining to put faces to Rav names, great to meet new people and lovely to meet old ones again...if you know what I mean.

There were refreshments, cake and champagne.

There were irreverent comments, giggles and laughter.

There were wonderful and inspiring words from the speakers (a big 'well done' to them.)

There were FABULOUS samples of all sorts in crochet, knitting, tweed, lace and cables.

There was a selection of delightful baby bumps in the back row all kicking up a storm.

There was a gate crasher with a baby buggy who wandered in and helped herself to some biscuits. We briefly considered arm wrestling her to the floor and confiscating the kid, but then she fed the biscuits to the child thereby removing the evidence and destroying our forensic trail. If she had waded into the champagne then that would have been a more serious matter. We would have brought her down. Or at least waved our needles at her.

And there was a funny moment when Ms Bliss took my arm and asked if I had a measuring tape. I gestured at the audience and her microphone and said there was likely one 'out there'. Of course when she asked the audience the same question, 50% of the arms went up. Knitters come prepared, is all.

I sat beside Knit Inc while knitting her design Howth Vest. I'm sure there's a term for that. Or if there isn't there should be. Designer Adjacent Knitting perhaps.

It was all so exciting that I managed to leave a knitting bag behind containing my precious tube of dpns, stitchmarkers, weaving-in needles and most irreplaceable of all my miniature swiss army knife with built in scissors. Fortunately, it was well looked after in my absence and thanks to the good offices of a friend, I had it back in my grasp within 2 days.

Many many congratulations to everyone at TIK and thanks for a great evening. And thanks to Kneehigh too. You really made me laugh. And hunted down my knitting bag besides.

And the double-whammy-bonus? I was able to drop into my LYS knit evening on the way home and catch up with my local designer stars and knitting friends too.

Sigh. Perfect.

PS: for pictures go here (thanks Carol!)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Howth Vest Progress

Ah. It's so nice to be able to show some knitting progress.

My intention was to knit this just as far as the rib and then put it aside for another project with a tighter deadline.

As you can see, this intention was completely in vain. In fact it is already several inches longer than this photo, taken 2 days ago.

The yarn is delightful, the chart is addictive and the knitting is compulsive so it is growing nicely. This project came out-and-about with me to some knitting events recently and has been much admired.

I do loves me a pattern that makes me look good.

Thanks Knit Inc!