Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's you.

As in many other places, knitting and other fibre arts have been making an appearance recently in the Irish media, from snippets to full blown articles to the fashion pages. I've often been asked (well several times anyway) why I think knitting is going through a revival. Is it a response to global consumerism? To the tyrrany of technology? To the pressures of modern times?

It's all those things I suppose. And much much more.

It's the almost meditative rhythm of the process, the colour and texture of the yarn, the soothing click clack of the needles, the beauty of the finished object.

It's the kick you get out of making something useful and/or lovely from scratch with just your own effort, 2 pointy sticks and some fibre. It's the pleasure you get from wearing something unique that you made yourself.

It's an antidote to the relentless demands of phones, computers, work, technology and the commute. It's the yarn, the fabric, the fibre, the texture, the drape, the colours and the lace. And lots more besides.

It's the folks at your
LYS where you can show your latest project and receive advice, encouragement, congratulations or comiseration depending on how it's going.

It's the
knitters you've met and those you haven't yet. It's the generous, the funny, the unique. It's Dolores, it's your first blog, and your most recent. It's the knitting community and the fellow-fibre-fanatics-feeling.

It's the people, people.

It's the knitters.

It's you.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Spell with Flickr

Hey! Found this really cool Flickr thing-a-ma-jig on Chez Plum's blog this morning.

It's fab! AND you can click on the images to change the style of each letter.

What fun...

(OK, so I couldn't work out how to get the Java code to work with Blogger, so I made an image of it and posted that instead. I'm a little bit techie, but not all techie...just right for a knitter! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Secret Project

So...the knitting.

I do have something to show actually. Here's part of a Secret Project which will have to remain so for a couple more weeks. All I'll say for now is that there's some Regia Sock Yarn.

And, no. That's not a sock.

I don't do socks - although I get that they're nice and neat and portable an' all. And contain nice possibilities for stitches and challenges in a small do-able project.
Pomatomus anyone? Queen of Cups? and best of all...Twisted Flowers, and didja see these beauties from the talented Knitting Neels?

Hmmm, I could be tempted yet. Maybe I could do socks after all. One question to you folks who sock-it-to-'em. I just couldn't bear the saggy ankles thing.

Do they stay up? No really, do they?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Our reporter's exclusive interview with NicKnits

Me: So...your first blogpost, NicKnits. You must be very proud.

NicKnits: Yeah, know. More nervous really.

Me: Nervous? Why?

NicKnits: Well...because who wants to read about my knitting anyway? Apart from my Mum & Dad (I hope!) and a few people with nothing better to people in line for jury duty or a colonoscopy or something.

Me: Well, you read a lot of knitting blogs and you enjoy them. A lot.

NicKnits: Yeah...and that's something else. Doesn't it have to be funny or something?

Me: ...or something.

NicKnits: And I'm supposed to have a digital camera and an organised stash and a knitting philosophy and a clever blog title...and a general life plan...and...and...

Me: Oh just get on with it.

NicKnits: Okay.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007