Sunday, July 27, 2008

Body Art

Speaking of Little Monkey, we have arrived at the Age of Body Art (apparantly that's 7-and-a-half, who knew?).

So far, of the painted or sticking-on variety thank goodness.

Exhibit 1 - a lovely fairy-like mask effect over one eye by a very talented face painter. This is the original state-of-the-art.

By now it's 3 days old (no pics) and it looks like she's got an open wound on the side of her head. Makes people stare in the supermarket I can tell you.

Not to mention all the paint on her pillow.


Exhibit 2 - a silver tattoo. She loves it and is hoping it lasts until she goes back to school at the end of the summer so she can show her friends.

She also has an enormous silver tattoo which she wants to stick on her back. So far I've pursuaded her to keep that one for a special occasion.

I can see her refusing to wear clothes at all.

Which is a whole other phase entirely.



Friday, July 25, 2008

Little Monkey Knits

First off the camera is this project, a Knitted Bag, designed and knit (mostly) by Little Monkey. *

Lovely innit? (It's Regia 6ply sock yarn, in case you're wonderin'.)

You can see by the detailed design layout above that the concept is all hers. It clearly states its intention to be a knitting bag by the heavily embellished title under the handle, if you can make it out. A knitted knitting bag in fact.

The butterfly motif? Not lovin' that so much. It's pretty an' all, but I can see it causing problems for her to make down the line. Love that butterfly expression tho', and the way the antlers look like an especaily tall hat.

The design to the right of picture is Little Mouse's contribution. She has yet to reveal what it is it, but I think it's wearing a grass skirt.

That garter stitch in variagated yarn is quite yummy. I've never been a big fan of garter stitch, but this looks vaguely delicious. Strawberries and cream?

The real triumph of this project is that it's the first thing Little Monkey has stuck with past 2 rows and that she keeps asking to knit - even to the extent of reaching for it while watching a DVD.

Now there's a knitter in the making.

Am I proud?

You bet.

* ETA: of course this sample isn't finished. It's going to be a basic rectangle with a fold-over triangular flap and finger-knitted handle. In case it's not that clear at first from the design specs-with-butterfly.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Home again, home again

Phew! Just home after hectic 2 weeks away. Hope you all had fun while I was gone*.

Couple of things to show you from holiday knitting.

Tomorrow, I guess, when I can find my camera under all the post-holiday laundry!

A bientot...

* Apologies. (Fully intended to post over the past 2 weeks, but unexpectedly had no internet connection for 100K radius, or so it seemed.)