Sunday, July 27, 2008

Body Art

Speaking of Little Monkey, we have arrived at the Age of Body Art (apparantly that's 7-and-a-half, who knew?).

So far, of the painted or sticking-on variety thank goodness.

Exhibit 1 - a lovely fairy-like mask effect over one eye by a very talented face painter. This is the original state-of-the-art.

By now it's 3 days old (no pics) and it looks like she's got an open wound on the side of her head. Makes people stare in the supermarket I can tell you.

Not to mention all the paint on her pillow.


Exhibit 2 - a silver tattoo. She loves it and is hoping it lasts until she goes back to school at the end of the summer so she can show her friends.

She also has an enormous silver tattoo which she wants to stick on her back. So far I've pursuaded her to keep that one for a special occasion.

I can see her refusing to wear clothes at all.

Which is a whole other phase entirely.



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