Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Still on the post-JGG high and the red project theme, last weekend I also I cast on for Wisp, from Knitty.

This is a KAL with my friend J in Arkansas, who very kindly gifted me the yarn in a Ravelry swap. The yarn is Crystal Palace Kid Merino in Lacquer Red and it's just yummy. It seems to be softer to work with than Kidsilk I think, I haven't had any problems so far anyway.

Took me a while to figure out how to line up the yarnovers the way that the pattern indicates that they should be. In the 1st panel, they kinda wander about the place.

No worries, I'm pretty sure no-one will notice!


Friday, May 22, 2009

Knitting Corner

So, where do you knit?

This is my Fair Weather Corner, for alfresco knitting when I get some leisure time and there's no rain. Not often that these things happen, but occasionally I get to sit out with some knitting and watch the girls play in the garden.


(Apologies if you've come over here from the Wicklow Knitters Ravelry Group, as this post is also in a thread over there.)

See my knitting chair?

See it now?

How 'bout now?

I especially like the strategically placed fishing net that holds the knitting. This was my daughter’s idea for when she’s on the swing and has nowhere to put down her snack.


Now I’m just praying for a good summer.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Abstract Leaves Cowl

Some time ago, I offered to test knit a cowl for a designer I met on Ravelry. The lovely Abstract Leaves Cowl.

It took a while to get started given the green swamp I was in for a while, but I was delighted to get started on it last week.

I'm using Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Sock Red Rover which I purchased from here. I couldn't resist some other colours while I was at it (had to justify the postage of course) which is one reason that the credit card is taking a little rest* from business right now.

Swatch of leaf pattern, 2 repeats.

Swatch while blocking - so smooth!

See how the leaves are falling left and right in a vertical sequence? S'lovely.

I'm on the final repeat of the cowl now and am even more impressed with the design. Delicate, intricate but straightforward to manage. As always tho', the knitting is faster than the camera work, so patience my pretties. Watch this space.

*(Shhhhh! Go back to sleep! It was the nightingale and not the lark!)


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pick Up Your Needles III

As promised, some pics from the recent Pick Up Your Needles III.

Some felted flowers. I love doing these.

I'm going to try felting one onto a hair bobbin for Little Monkey.

I also made a felted bag, which I was very pleased with, but it turned out to be camera shy. In otherwords, I put it somewhere to dry thoroughly and it has disappeared!

(It'll turn up I guess...maybe when it's hungry!)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh My Donald

Little Mouse on the morning commute...

'Oh my Donald had a farm,

E-I-E-I-O Cow!

Wit a moo moo here and a moo moo here, moo moo everybody here.'

And lest you think nothing but charm comes out of the mouths of my children...

Little Monkey impatiently waiting for something which she can't have just now because I'm cooking....


If I was a Mum.....

I'd be faster'


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pick Up Your Needles III

Jeez, is it possible to improve on Perfection*?


*Photos coming shortly

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ta Da!

I invite you to come on a little journey with me.

Bring sandwiches.


Drawing of original concept for Family Tree.


Sleeve stitch pattern - Hugs and Kisses and a variation on Mistake Rib.


Heart motif.


Back, showing cables and general stitch pattern.


Seamed and joined in the round (at last).


Grandchildren Leaves.


Leaf placement, showing raglan decreses and collar shaping. Had to knit the yoke FOUR times to get it right. Sheesh!


Leaf placement, detail.


Leaves, tree and handy dandy toothpick placement technique.


Modelled shot. Lovely.


I don't mind saying that I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out.

I was really worried coming up to the final hurdle that the tree would look more like broccoli than the big and sturdy tree of my vision. I can't believe how well it turned out.

I love you Dad.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Whimsical Little Knits

S'funny. I just said to my friend M___ only the other day that I was going to have to rein in my internet purchases of yarn and knitting stuff....because my credit card was showing signs of strain and really needs a good rest. (Much like myself in fact.)

And I was perfectly sincere. I meant it.

I still do mean it.

But then this happened....

I just had to have this. Not that I actually NEED more books (pah!), but for the following reasons:

a) it looks beautiful
b) the patterns are delightful
c) I love Ysolda's work
d) it is reasonably priced#
e) I truely think that (quality) independent designers should be supported, or else we'll all end up living in a great big Ikea world
f) it will make a great gift for someone if I don't keep it
g) but you know I'm gonna keep it

S'lovely. So the credit card can go to the Rest Home a little later on.

Ah well. Sigh.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

JGG Update (again)(again)

And in JGG news, there has been a breakthrough.

Having knit the yoke section 4 times, (that's FOUR TIMES people) and the collar twice (that's TWO TIMES people) - oh ok, so it's not so impressive that time - I think it's more or less finished. The body of it at any rate.

Or so it seams. (Hah! seams! Geddit! OK, sorry, so the JGG fumes have got to me.)

Of course, the Secret part of the project has yet to begin. But I'm optimistic. It's like having reached the summit, and while I know I have to schlep back down the mountain again - just for now, I'm enjoying the view.

Speaking of view. Photos to come asap.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well, just on the verge of 'Pick Up Your Needles III' next weekend and in the interest of catching up backwards, (go here if you want that to make more - or indeed any - sense), here's some of the wet felting that I did at PUYN II with the wonderful tutor Nicola Brown.

Maple Leaf

It was supposed to be a flower, and I messed up on the laying-out-the-roving-pre-felting part AND the keeping-the-centre-dry part, AND I felted it inside out (i.e. the shimmery orange silk fibres were supposed to be in the centre, not on the outside) but I lucked out. Love it.

Felted beads

This is a felted roll in 3 colours sliced at an angle into beads. It sounded fairly straightforward at first, but the shape and impact of the colours when the roll is sliced in cross-section is very impressive. I think it's really great laid out in this flower shape, rather than strung as beads, so let's see what I can make of it.

And finally, a flat piece with 2 colours of green in the background and shimmering blue flowers with irridescant orange and a mix of white silk and wool.

Afterwards, (and flushed with fibery joy) I showed these to my good friend N____ who is an experienced wet felter. She commented that it that if this was the result of my first session...well...then...that was a very good teacher indeed. Dead right there.

Friday, May 1, 2009

A little behind*

Oh gosh. I'm so ridiculously behind on work and all my projects and blogging and everything that it's making my hair hurt and my eyes water.

So...working backwards to catch up, lookee here at what I received this week as part of a Rav swap from this group**.

It's here! It's here! It's here!

Lookit all my loot!

  • Needle felting kit and instructions with roving samples and set of needles,
  • some alpaca yarn,
  • 3 phials of beads,
  • tin of 'curiously strong' Ginger Altoids,
  • oh so cute tin of Altoids Smalls mints,
  • and equally cute Fairy tin of Rose Mints (which Little Monkey will love)
  • plus a kind note from my swap partner.

Thanks B!

Wafer thin alpaca yarn

I'm very intrigued by the packaging which has vacuum packed and shrunk everything.
Cool huh? I really think my stash needs something like this.

*no, no, no. I AM a little behind, not I HAVE a little behind.

**Probably the nicest bunch of lunatics anywhere on Ravelry.