Friday, May 1, 2009

A little behind*

Oh gosh. I'm so ridiculously behind on work and all my projects and blogging and everything that it's making my hair hurt and my eyes water.

So...working backwards to catch up, lookee here at what I received this week as part of a Rav swap from this group**.

It's here! It's here! It's here!

Lookit all my loot!

  • Needle felting kit and instructions with roving samples and set of needles,
  • some alpaca yarn,
  • 3 phials of beads,
  • tin of 'curiously strong' Ginger Altoids,
  • oh so cute tin of Altoids Smalls mints,
  • and equally cute Fairy tin of Rose Mints (which Little Monkey will love)
  • plus a kind note from my swap partner.

Thanks B!

Wafer thin alpaca yarn

I'm very intrigued by the packaging which has vacuum packed and shrunk everything.
Cool huh? I really think my stash needs something like this.

*no, no, no. I AM a little behind, not I HAVE a little behind.

**Probably the nicest bunch of lunatics anywhere on Ravelry.

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Leslie said...

Jealous (1)

Wow, Nic, very kewl stuff. Enjoy needle felting if you never done it before. I love it.