Sunday, March 10, 2013

Silly me never posted my tea cosy entry for the competition over at The Constant Knitter.

There was a great response to the competition and lots of money raised for the school that was to benefit. Here's hoping that they run the competition or similar again, it was a lot of fun to watch and participate in.

My favourite entries were the felted ones, altho' there were lovely cosies in knit and crochet. 

And also a fabulous one in an alternative fabric:

Winners are here.

Gallery is here.

Of course there is another competition popping up this time of year over here. The St Patrick's Day Competition is a lot of fun. Made even more so by the chat and camaradarie in the group.

My entry this year is waaay behind due to hectic work schedules, but hopefully I will post on time on March 17th. Thank goodness March 16th is a Saturday. 

Therein lies all my hope and expectation.