Thursday, August 25, 2011

Introducing Trousseau

Well, the Secret Project is finally finished and off to its destination. I'll be sure to let you know when it's available for viewing. Hopefully soon.

Lots of progress to be seen on the Howth Vest. It is delightful to knit and is growing pretty well, despite the fine-ish needles.

Of course with a mere 3 WIPS on the needles (or is it more?) I had the itch for something new.

Trousseau by Carol Feller. I'm in need of something very special to knit for a friend and this just took my breath away.

Some big decisions were to be made tho'.

Starting with which yarn? You won't be shocked to hear that I already have rather a wide choice of yarn to consider, but having seen this lovely Storm Cloud* in Drops Delight a while back, this was an easy decision to make.

Next question(s): Big Shawl? Little Shawl? Single stranded? Double stranded? Poached or fried? (OK, so the last one has more to do with the fish than the knitting, but the decision had to be made all the same.)

Swatching** quickly brought me to the perfect choice.

*Ravelry link, but you can still view the pattern without a login

**more on swatching in another post. I have things to say.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Revealing Interior

Recently Little Monkey took part in a Clay Modelling Class. One of the projects she enjoyed most was creating and decorating a clay room, with a base and three walls.

The variety and complexity of the rooms created by the class were truely a wonder and it was amazing what could be fashioned on such a small scale.

(The room shown here is approx 5 inches square.)

I was really tickled with the flat screen plasma TV and the bright yellow cushions. But what tickled me most of all was the remote control on the arm of the sofa.

Oh, that child has great ambitions for her comfort and leisure.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I completely forgot to say that the NicKnit family were going here in July.

Apart from the crushing disappointment of very very very poor weather (cold, windy, cloudy, showery ARGHHH!) we had a wonderful time. Little Mouse learnt to cycle without stabilisers and thereafter was seen bombing about the cycleways like a little pink speedy gonzales on, er, speed.

The island is so pretty, and on the three days of sunshine that we did have, it totally repaid our cycling and picnicking efforts. We spent a lot of time in a local small town Rivedoux-Plage and a nearby beach.

The town is filled with a series of monumental sculptures by artist Casimir Ferrer some on a maritime theme and others showing musical instruments. They were really lovely. There were 18 of them in all and we had a great time spotting them while out and about on our trusty bicycles.

If you're interested, there's more info here.

Anyhow, there was quite a lot of Howth Vest knitting and good progress on that mystery project I keep banging on about.

More on that this-year-next-year-sometime-never later.