Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just between you and me...

Terms and Conditions apply*

Knitting may seriously improve your health.

Warning: prolonged exposure to yarn and knitting friends may induce a deep sense of worth and wellbeing. Not to mention an addiction to squishy fiber softness.

* Enjoy knitting sensibly.

You have been warned. I'm just sayin'.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Remember this?

Once upon a time, this time last year, I was here.

I'm back again. (Yes, I know my life is awful.)

Deja vu.

Home tomorrow. Normal service soon to be resumed I hope.

A bientot.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where did we go?

T'was Malaga we went to, so t'was.

Well...actually, to be more accurate, we went to Malaga airport. To a hotel very near Malaga airport. To a hotel so near to Malaga airport that you could have walked to and from in less than 15 minutes. And did we? No.

See, they're building a new airport beside Malaga airport, and some of the new buildings and one of the new access roads ran between it and the hotel. And there was no way to get from one to the other on foot. It wasn't the airport we wanted to get to, you understand, but the train station adjacent.

So, we had a 20 euro taxi ride to get from the hotel to the local train so that we could go to a) the beach or b) Malaga Town.

The alternative was the local bus service, which it took a few days to figure out. (Of course we were all up and running nicely by the day we were leaving.)

Since there was so much construction going on, and the hotel was also beside a 6 lane highway and industrial zone, we took our lives in our hands standing at the bus stop with massive haulage trucks thundering past. I swear Little Monkey's hair was nearly ripped off her head with the passing G-forces and since little girls just can't help skipping about (well, mine can't help it anyway) she nearly toppled into the traffic more than once. Severe heart-a-fright I can tell you.

But it was all ok in the end. We knew that the hotel would be in this kind of an area, and therefore the accommodation was relatively inexpensive in comparison to anywhere else. 60 euros a night for all of us isn't bad at all.

And, oh yes, there was the sunshine...the beach....and the Easter processions during Holy Week in Malaga itself. Wonderful.

Look at the ceiling on this float. Divine, isn't it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Home again, home again


I think I forgot to tell the blog that I would be away for a short week in Spain.

Well I was.

There was sand, sun and lots of fun on the beach. No knitting, since I didn't get much time to sit down, but it was fun all the same.

Home now. Knitting resumes with the final (I hope) stages of the JGG.

No matter how much I knit around and around the yoke, decreasing 2 stitches at raglan seams every 2nd doesn't seem to be getting any smaller. Funny that.

We spent a sunny Easter Sunday having an alfresco lunch and a walk around Mt Usher gardens. Lovely.

Hope ya'll had a great Easter. And way too much chocolate.

Monday, April 6, 2009

No Good Will Come Of It

Well I just knew no good would come of it. This business of tidying up and sorting out. No good at all.

My dpns? Vanished.

Pattern book for my next project? Missing.

That ball of yarn I promised to give to a friend? Disappeared.

That skein of yarn for holiday knitting that I need NOW? Nowhere to be found.

Far better to have everything out in plain sight where I can fall over it when I need it. Far better.



Wednesday, April 1, 2009

JGG Update (again)

And finally, some JGG news just in...

Here's the JGG all nicely seamed and on one needle. Well, here it is actually on a piece of waste yarn ready for a spot of Dad Modelling. When it's on one circular needle it looks like something freshly strangled for the pot.

I had to stand on a chair to take this picture...this baby is BIG! Funny enough, it doesn't look so green now that it's all in one piece. Odd that. Wonder if it's a scientific fact to do with colour and density or just this knitter's imagination.

It's a good thing we did model it tho', since it turned out to be waaayyyyy too big. I had knitted almost 2 inches extra since joining in the round in order to leave some room. Turns out that there was room enough. So...I had to rip back 2 inches of 100s of stitches.

Plus, it took more than an hour to get it onto the waste yarn in the 1st place, and another hour-and-a-half to get it back on the needle again. No wonder I missed the new deadline of March 27th. Durn it.

Anyway, it really is making progress.



There's one more pic, but I can't show it here, it being a secret an' all. Get thee over to Ravelry (where Daddio can't follow) if you want more.