Wednesday, April 1, 2009

JGG Update (again)

And finally, some JGG news just in...

Here's the JGG all nicely seamed and on one needle. Well, here it is actually on a piece of waste yarn ready for a spot of Dad Modelling. When it's on one circular needle it looks like something freshly strangled for the pot.

I had to stand on a chair to take this picture...this baby is BIG! Funny enough, it doesn't look so green now that it's all in one piece. Odd that. Wonder if it's a scientific fact to do with colour and density or just this knitter's imagination.

It's a good thing we did model it tho', since it turned out to be waaayyyyy too big. I had knitted almost 2 inches extra since joining in the round in order to leave some room. Turns out that there was room enough. So...I had to rip back 2 inches of 100s of stitches.

Plus, it took more than an hour to get it onto the waste yarn in the 1st place, and another hour-and-a-half to get it back on the needle again. No wonder I missed the new deadline of March 27th. Durn it.

Anyway, it really is making progress.



There's one more pic, but I can't show it here, it being a secret an' all. Get thee over to Ravelry (where Daddio can't follow) if you want more.

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