Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where did we go?

T'was Malaga we went to, so t'was.

Well...actually, to be more accurate, we went to Malaga airport. To a hotel very near Malaga airport. To a hotel so near to Malaga airport that you could have walked to and from in less than 15 minutes. And did we? No.

See, they're building a new airport beside Malaga airport, and some of the new buildings and one of the new access roads ran between it and the hotel. And there was no way to get from one to the other on foot. It wasn't the airport we wanted to get to, you understand, but the train station adjacent.

So, we had a 20 euro taxi ride to get from the hotel to the local train so that we could go to a) the beach or b) Malaga Town.

The alternative was the local bus service, which it took a few days to figure out. (Of course we were all up and running nicely by the day we were leaving.)

Since there was so much construction going on, and the hotel was also beside a 6 lane highway and industrial zone, we took our lives in our hands standing at the bus stop with massive haulage trucks thundering past. I swear Little Monkey's hair was nearly ripped off her head with the passing G-forces and since little girls just can't help skipping about (well, mine can't help it anyway) she nearly toppled into the traffic more than once. Severe heart-a-fright I can tell you.

But it was all ok in the end. We knew that the hotel would be in this kind of an area, and therefore the accommodation was relatively inexpensive in comparison to anywhere else. 60 euros a night for all of us isn't bad at all.

And, oh yes, there was the sunshine...the beach....and the Easter processions during Holy Week in Malaga itself. Wonderful.

Look at the ceiling on this float. Divine, isn't it.


Leslie said...

Dear Nic, Glad you are home, glad the sprite didn't land in traffic and I want to see more pictures. The processional float must have been amazing.

Irene said...

Only 60 quid as in SIXTY? You'd put up with loads of stuff at that price, surely! Yay!

Nic said...

Yes, it was 60 euros a night, for all 4 of us, so it was worth the traffic, location and inconveniences.

Have no decent pics of the processions since all our hands were kept busy keeping the girlies safe and away from traffic, but it was a great week.