Friday, May 22, 2009

Knitting Corner

So, where do you knit?

This is my Fair Weather Corner, for alfresco knitting when I get some leisure time and there's no rain. Not often that these things happen, but occasionally I get to sit out with some knitting and watch the girls play in the garden.


(Apologies if you've come over here from the Wicklow Knitters Ravelry Group, as this post is also in a thread over there.)

See my knitting chair?

See it now?

How 'bout now?

I especially like the strategically placed fishing net that holds the knitting. This was my daughter’s idea for when she’s on the swing and has nowhere to put down her snack.


Now I’m just praying for a good summer.



Leslie said...

What a lovely little spot!

Jealous (1)

Tell your daughter that she is a treasure for coming up with the fishing net idea, that is the BOMB!

Sinéad said...

That knitting spot looks like a little piece of heaven. I can hear the birds singing and the kids playing. *sigh* I bet you got some good use out of it last weekend with the lovely weather!

Nic said...

Thanks. Yes, I got about an hour knitting on Sunday in the glorious sunshine. Bliss. Hope to goodness we get a good summmer!

As for the fishing net, daughter decided to fish sausages out of the BBQ with it, so now it has a few melted parts. Still works tho', just about!