Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pick Up Your Needles III

As promised, some pics from the recent Pick Up Your Needles III.

Some felted flowers. I love doing these.

I'm going to try felting one onto a hair bobbin for Little Monkey.

I also made a felted bag, which I was very pleased with, but it turned out to be camera shy. In otherwords, I put it somewhere to dry thoroughly and it has disappeared!

(It'll turn up I guess...maybe when it's hungry!)



Leslie said...

You don't have cats do you? Check there favorite spots, my wet wool stockings have been known to migrate to Pandemonium's nap place..

I still love those fleurs, very kewl, indeed.

Nic said...

Thanks! No, no cats. Just a jumbled house with crafting things in every corner. Lots of places for it to hide out midst the fibre!