Wednesday, May 6, 2009

JGG Update (again)(again)

And in JGG news, there has been a breakthrough.

Having knit the yoke section 4 times, (that's FOUR TIMES people) and the collar twice (that's TWO TIMES people) - oh ok, so it's not so impressive that time - I think it's more or less finished. The body of it at any rate.

Or so it seams. (Hah! seams! Geddit! OK, sorry, so the JGG fumes have got to me.)

Of course, the Secret part of the project has yet to begin. But I'm optimistic. It's like having reached the summit, and while I know I have to schlep back down the mountain again - just for now, I'm enjoying the view.

Speaking of view. Photos to come asap.


Leslie said...

Is it ASAP yet. I want to see it!

Carol said...

It's always a relief to see the end of long projects!

Nic said...

Yeah! Trying to get pictures off the d*rn camera!