Monday, September 24, 2007

Our reporter's exclusive interview with NicKnits

Me: So...your first blogpost, NicKnits. You must be very proud.

NicKnits: Yeah, know. More nervous really.

Me: Nervous? Why?

NicKnits: Well...because who wants to read about my knitting anyway? Apart from my Mum & Dad (I hope!) and a few people with nothing better to people in line for jury duty or a colonoscopy or something.

Me: Well, you read a lot of knitting blogs and you enjoy them. A lot.

NicKnits: Yeah...and that's something else. Doesn't it have to be funny or something?

Me: ...or something.

NicKnits: And I'm supposed to have a digital camera and an organised stash and a knitting philosophy and a clever blog title...and a general life plan...and...and...

Me: Oh just get on with it.

NicKnits: Okay.


Knitty Lilaa said...

Welcome to blogland Nic :)

SylvChezPlum said...

Wow, so glad you started a blog !! Will add you to my bloglines right away !! :-D
I hope you'll post some pics of your littlies.. ;-P and I love the secret project pic, is it a sleeve ?
and thanks for your comment btw...