Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Secret Project

So...the knitting.

I do have something to show actually. Here's part of a Secret Project which will have to remain so for a couple more weeks. All I'll say for now is that there's some Regia Sock Yarn.

And, no. That's not a sock.

I don't do socks - although I get that they're nice and neat and portable an' all. And contain nice possibilities for stitches and challenges in a small do-able project.
Pomatomus anyone? Queen of Cups? and best of all...Twisted Flowers, and didja see these beauties from the talented Knitting Neels?

Hmmm, I could be tempted yet. Maybe I could do socks after all. One question to you folks who sock-it-to-'em. I just couldn't bear the saggy ankles thing.

Do they stay up? No really, do they?

1 comment:

Knitty Lilaa said...

They stay up! And if they don't, we have "knitting in elastic" and then ya better believe they will stay up hunny!