Friday, April 4, 2008

Jolly Green Giant Update

Finally some progress to report on the Jolly Green Giant (JGG).

I confess that this project has been sadly neglected and the only reason that I got back to it was that I left my other projects at a friend's house and turned to this for lack of something to knit.

Nothing on the needles? A state of affairs not to be endured.

Funnily enough, despite the fact that this project is very large, it knits up quite quickly as it's in chunky yarn. If it 'twere a child's garment it would be finished and off to school by now.

This is the back portion, grown a goodly bit from previously. I am determined to eliminate seaming for the raglan shoulders so I have put a halt to the back and have started on the sleeves. The plan is to unite all parts with the front and knit in the round from there - oh in a decade or so.

Since this is that category of project which can be called 'makey-uppey', I was free to pick any stitch pattern for the sleeves. After much thought I selected this pattern sometimes called 'Hugs & Kisses'.

(Apologies for the hazy pic. I got up too close and out of focus. A better view of the pattern is to be found here and here.)

For maximum effect I'm knitting the pattern in 2 columns of alternating patterns, i.e.

Hug P K P Kiss
Kiss P K P Hug
Hug P K P Kiss
Kiss P K P Hug


You might notice in the pic that the stitch pattern actually starts with half of each motif, a 'Hu' and a 'Ki' as it were. After knitting for a while I realised that I couldn't live with this demi-motif at the start of the pattern, spoiling the Hugs and Kisses theme. Especially when I realised that they would be sitting at the wrists MOCKING me at every turn. So I frogged the 1st sleeve and started again. Much better (as you'll see another time when I get back to a camera).

Why the Hugs & Kisses pattern? Well this is for my Dad after all, and it's for the giving and receiving of both in abundance.

In these here parts you're likely to get knitting.

And sentiment.

And very often both together.


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