Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Knitting Bag Three

Here's another from my collection of knitting bags.

It's a heavy-ish cardboard suitase that I got in Avoca Handweavers last December. It's about a foot wide. (Sorry, none left, they sold out very quickly.!)

I didn't exactly NEED it, but could I resist that printed stocking stitches in those Andy Warhol-y colours? You bet I couldn't.

And it holds quite a lot too.

Here's the Louisa Harding Grace & Wool scarf swatch which I mentioned in January. (BTW, this picture is a far truer representation of the colour than the bluey image in the earlier post.)

It's great for holding sharp pointy things (like dpns) that otherwise might poke through a fabric bag and stab you in the leg when you're trying to feed children and knit at the same time. It happens.


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