Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monsieur Poirot I presume?

Allow me to introduce you to someone.

This is Hercule.

How do you do? Pleased to meet you.

Hercule was designed and knitted* by the talented grandson of my friend S from the Wicklow Knitters. She is naturally very proud of Hercule (and of her grandson) so she brought Hercule to meet the Wicklow Knitters at our most recent meeting.

For a while we thought he (Hercule, not her grandson) had a Ronald Coleman moustache, but we quickly decided that it was Hercule Poirot himself who has been reincarnated...or should that be reincar-knitted?

Isn't he handsome? I especially like the ears in different colours. And the green shoes.

Note the jaunty scarf and the delightful tail.

Hat's off to ye me boy! There's a Wonder Knitter indeed.

* with some help of course, but mostly his own work.


Irene said...

Is this the S I met in Arklow! If so, it doesn't surprise me she has such a talented grand child! Hercule rocks!

Nic said...

Yes, that's the very S indeed. Hercule does rock, I think he should be our mascot!