Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Another class at the YR this weekend, a craft market in the afternoon and a local concert in the evening. Busy busy busy...REALLY busy.

Can't be good. Unless you're busy knittin' too.

Lots going on and some knitting to show you. With any luck a new pattern.

Soon my pretties, soon.

In the meantime...for those of us who are stuck in the wind and rain.




kneehigh said...

Oh that pic has just made me PINE!

Sinéad said...

You're quite the busy bee!
Looking forward to the new pattern.
And thanks for the lovely sunny picture, it reminds me what summers used to be like here ;)

Leslie said...

Jealous, it's 0 degrees here.

Nic said...

It's a basking 7 degrees here today by comparison, but so wet and cold.

The pic was taken in Mallorca in August. It was 38 degrees that day. Yikes. Hard to believe.