Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mon Escapade

Things are sooooooo busy here it would wear me out to describe it, and you to listen.

Still, there is some knitting going on and as always, overly ambitious plans for other knitting.

As part of the general daydreaming, I'm looking for a holiday rental in France, hopefully in July.

Part of the search takes place at Mon Escapade, an online holiday rental business run by my friend Sylvie, aka the talented crocheter Chezplum.

A couple of weeks here wouldn't do any harm, now would it?

Of course, there may be some translation issues, but I'm sure we can sort that out.

Wish me luck!



Heather said...

Good luck Nic. In fact, that pool actually needs a knitter beside it. H

julie said...

oh dear. Little did I know reading your post and clicking on that link was going to cost me a couple of hours ;) daydream city!