Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shocking disregard for one's readers.

Well! I knew things had got too busy for posting here in the past few weeks but I did think very hard about several posts. I am genuinely quite shocked to see that these never got posted.

It turns out that there's no wireless link from my brain to the blog? Pity.



Considering all the @#;%%@X! that goes through my brain every day, this is something we should ALL be grateful for. In the meantime, I was very pleased that the Tuar Mhic Eadaigh Mittens come 3rd in the competition.

MANY MANY THANKS for all your votes. Another post on the mittens coming shortly.

Oh ok. You got me.

As soon as I can then.

Oh yes, and some good knitting news to share. .



sheknitupthat said...

Yay! Well done!
Yes, sometimes I think that in the future there will be wifi from the brain!

Heather said...

Well done Nic, many congrats to the mittens!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nic!!! X

Knits with Penguins said...

You rock, my friend. Now where is the pattern? (Chuckle)

Sinéad said...

If you're a bad poster, then I must be the worst commenter! This post has been up for 8 days!