Thursday, March 8, 2012

Full Of Mice

Like many longtime knitters I am a bit poly-craftual.

Altho' knitting is my big obsession first love, other crafts tend to seep in at the edges over time, especially thread and fibre based ones.

Paper crafts, not so much, tho' I do appreciate those skills in others and have been known to dabble a little.

Embroidery? Now that's different. That definitely does it for me.

Recently, while looking for something else altogether, I came across this.

It's an embroidered Owl Scissor Case with forest animals...

...and a sweet little poem...

The diet of the Owl
is not for delicate digestions
He goes out on a limb
to hoot unanswerable questions.
And just because he winks like men
who utter sage advice
We think him full of wisdom,
when he's only full of mice.

Full of mice eh? There's an interesting variation on bulls**t.

Anyhow, this Owl Scissor Case is a perfect combination of embroidery and vintage, and I love it.
Hmmm. I think I feel a new Ravatar coming on.

The original designer of this Owl Scissor Case is Elizabeth Talledo and you'll find a kit here (the one shown here has been modified) and lots of other lovely things besides.

Tempted. Definitely.


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