Monday, February 18, 2013

Anyone for a cuppa?

Recently I took part in a competition at The Constant Knitter to knit/felt/crochet/sew and otherwise magic-up tea cosies to raise funds for a school. 

Much to the organisers' delight there were more than 60 entries, raising money for a good cause and raising the levels of tea cosy amusement by many degrees in the process.

There were tea cosies that looked like hats, ones that looked like beasts of the air and of the field. 

Fabulous felted ones, complex crochet ones, amazing tea cosies of all kinds, even one made from a recycled leather bag. That'ud be some T-bag...ha ha ha...geddit!?

Mine probably looks kinda familiar in light of my last post.

Go take a look at the gallery of delights and see if you can find it. I'll be back soon to clue you in and announce the winner.

Well done everyone. A fun competition and a great result for the school.

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AgnesBarton said...

I found it! :-) What a nice cosy and what a fun idea for a fundraiser.