Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to me

Recently I celebrated a special birthday. Thanks to family and friends I had a terrifically wonderfully stupendous time.*

My actual birthday isn't for several more days and there is lots more lovely spoiling ahead

This evening I overheard my 2 daughters conspiring about what my present should be. Elder DD must have suggested something about knitting because Younger DD recoiled with a sharp intake of breath.

'Oh no!', she gasped, (very shocked).

'I think maybe Mummy might have too much knitting!!'

Obviously I spend way too much time muttering over my knitting and not enough time fulfilling the many needs of DD2.

On the other hand, does she mean too much YARN

Yup. Guilty as charged!

*Special thanks to my lovely Sis for spoiling me absolutely rotten.

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sheknitupthatball said...

Brilliant overheard comment!

Happy birthday!