Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Foolish Princess

Once upon a time there was a Foolish Princess.

The Foolish Princess started out as a Happy Knitting Princess (HKP).

The HKP didn't intend to be foolish, it just kinda happened along the way. The HKP is sorry now and she won't be foolish anymore - at least, not this kind of foolish. (She reserves the right to be foolish in many other ways that she hasn't thought of yet.)

Our story begins long long ago, when the HKP fell in with a Handsome Prince, but like many other HKPs before her, she fell in love with a Handsome Yarn and a Charming Pattern.

Such a very Beautiful Project (BP), thought the HKP, I shall be the Happiest Knitting Princess in the land!


When the HKP went home and cast on for the BP, she was a very HKP indeed. The Handsome Yarn knitted swiftly and the stitch pattern was interesting and delightful. The HKP took her progress knitting to show it (off) to the Fairy Godmothers (aka, the ladies of TIK).

The Fairy Godmothers ooh-ed and aah-ed over the BP and suggested that the HKP might like to take home THE LAST BALL of yarn for the BP as a precaution against running out. (Here comes the foolish part.) The HKP foolishly said, 'No thanks, it'll be fine' and foolishly skipped off home.

The HKP (now the Foolish Princess) said this even though she ALREADY PLANNED to make the BP slightly longer than specified. In her defense, if she had known that HKP Mary L had finished the very same BP with only THREE FEET of yarn to spare, she would have answered differently.

[On a serious note however, the cardigan was only lengthened by 4 rows (front and back of course) which doesn't justify running out of yarn to such a degree. AND the HKP left out most of the bobbles on the cardigan fronts - because she just doesn't like bobbles - so that should have saved some yarn. Definitely a pattern warning.]

The FP kept on knitting and knitting but instead of becoming happier, she became sadder and sadder as it became more and more obvious that she would run out of yarn entirely before the end of the 2nd sleeve, with the button band and the collar still to go.

Too late, the FP ran back to the Fairy Godmothers. 'Please, please may I have the last ball of yarn for the BP', she said eagerly. But the Fairy Godmothers couldn't help her. The last ball of yarn was long gone. Sadly they sent her a new ball in a different dyelot in the hopes that it would suit, but in vain. The dyelot was significantly different and just would not do.

The FP searched far and wide and finally found a 1/2 ball of the Handsome Yarn hiding in a stash sale in the Castle of the HKP Knitting Neels. HKP Knitting Neels gladly sent the yarn to the Castle of the FP, but again it was in vain.

In desperation, the FP sent out messages to HKPs throughout the land to see if anyone had some of the Handsome Yarn hiding somewhere.

'Desperately Seeking Debbis Bliss Cashmerino DK, Colour 18004 (Red), Dyelot 54', the message said.

The Foolish Princess sadly put the Beautiful Project away and waited. While she waited, she wondered if casting on for Sofia would ease her pain. 'I'd better shorten the sleeves if I lengthen it', she thought.

The Foolish Princess had finally learned her lesson!

Sofia, from the magic needles of Fairy Godmother Jacqui!


Sharon in Ireland/NZ said...

Oh, hate that! It has happened to us all though.

Knitty Lilaa said...

Nicola... Oh NICOLA!!! Your Fairy Godmothers are calling you-uuuuuuu!!

The yarn has landed - you will be a Happy Knitting Princess once again :)