Saturday, October 27, 2007

High Noon at The NicKnits Corral

OK, so you know the way that personal computers have improved our working and personal lives in zillions of ways? Equally of course they've found just as many new and improved ways of driving us crazy.

A case in point: My laptop is fairly new. Well, new in comparison to the solar system. It's a year old, so in technical years it's about 100. Anyway, it was zinging along for a while there with few problems.

Recently however it has become as slow as a) molasses b) the traffic on the M50 or c) a really really really slow thing that goes very slowly. (Just insert your preference). For one thing, it seems to have memory issues - perhaps there was a traumatic event in the factory, or it didn't get enough love from it's motherboard.

Editor: Ah Jaysus Nic, enough with the metaphors. Get on with it.

It turns out however, that there are not one but two internet security systems installed. (Don't ask, it has to do with overzealousness on the part of another.) Like wearing in cold weather.

This means that whenever I ask the system to do something, especially internet related, like open a browser window, each security system starts to monitor the activities of the other.

It's akin to 2 gunslingers facing each other at each end of a deserted and dusty street.

Gunslinger 1: 'I'll draw!'

Gunslinger 2: 'No, I'll draw!'

Gunslinger 1: 'No, I'll draw!'

Gunslinger 2: 'No, I'll draw!'

Gunslinger 1: 'No, I'll draw!'

Gunslinger 2: 'No, I'll draw!'

NicKnits, from an upper story window of the local saloon: 'Bang!'

So I shot one of 'em. Not sayin' which one.

Gunslinger RIP.

In Knitting News, I have finally begun the long knit journey into night process of the Jolly Green Giant, a hu-normously large aran jumper for me Dear Aul' Dad. Pictures and details at another time.

Enough to say for now that it's a) large and b) green.

Right now I'm packing feverishly for the NicKnits Family who are off to Spain for a week. Praise God for Half Term.

Now...the eternal question. Never mind the knickers, what knitting will I bring?

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