Tuesday, November 20, 2007


There's no easy way to say this folks, so I'll just spit it out.

Or maybe I'll just spit!

I've always wondered how typos occur in published knitting patterns.
I mean, surely they're checked and proofread very carefully?

The answer is Human Error. Specifically, MY human error.

It breaks my heart that there's a significant typo in the pattern for Ms Pottern Mittens as published in Yarn Forward Magazine - in the text as provided by me in the 1st instance. I cannot BEAR to think of the poor knitters struggling witih incomprehensible instructions and cursing me and the horse I rode in on.

I've been that knitter. We've all been that knitter.

Basically the instructions for the thumb gusset places the gusset between the 1st and the 2nd dpns in every odd round and between the 2nd and 3rd dpns in even rounds. Can you IMAGINE the confusion? The instructions for K13 and K26 in the even rounds need to be transposed. There are some other typos too, but not as serious as this one.

Kerrie (who publishes the magazine) was very kind about it, which I really appreciate. It happens apparantly, but I feel TERRIBLE about it and apologise most deeply and sincerely to anyone effected.
Errata will be published on the magazine website and included with future copies of the magazine.

The magazine is lovely, by the way. Great production values, clear layout and some good articles etc. The photos of the mittens are terrific and I was sooooo proud of the pattern. It just kills me to think of the pain in store for the unsuspecting knitter. Arrrrgh!

If anyone has any questions on the pattern or any other issues, please email me at Nicknits AT gmail DOT com. I'll publish errata here shortly.

All I can do is fall on my needles and beg the mercy of the court.


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