Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Bliss...

As promised, more pics* from the World of Bliss.

A view of the cardigan back, showing fab cabling detail. See the way all those bobbles are receeding into the background? I think they call that adding perspective or something in the art world. Anyway, they're lovely. (Eagle-eyed viewers will see that there's something in the basket at TIK on 1/2 price sale. A bargin. Get down there, I'll wait. You back yet? OK)

And that's my new cosy jacket that I'm wearing (from Dunnes Stores). I needed something to wear at work that doesn't look dipped in baby spit and domestic chaos crumpled. Smart innit? You can't knit your WHOLE wardrobe.

Here's the cardigan back with the left front piece draped artfully across it. Those cables are quite seductive. If they could, they'd wink at ye. 'Come up and knit me sometime'.....they say.

Even more eagle-eyed viewers will notice that I have ommitted the bobbles all the way up the front. This is because while they serve a purpose on the back, by creating a lovely vertical line and giving the back detail an almost Tudor-like feel...well. ..I ...actually ...hate ...bobbles. Seriously. Hate 'em.

Hate knitting 'em. After all it's the knitting equivalent of running on the spot. All that knitting and knitting and turning the piece around and around, and no progress.

At least on the back I won't have to look at 'em. I permitted them to remain on the front insofar as the cable detail requires them, but I wasn't about to let them creep all the way up towards my neckline-view. Nasty bobbly things! Go 'way! And they were just too much with the button band as well. Trust me.

So...what happened next? Well, I spent HOURS picking up stitches for the button bands. I dislike knitting button bands almost as much as bobbles. (Jeez, I sound like a very grumpy knitter, but I'd honestly rather knit a 3rd sleeve than a buttonband. Go on, admit it. You feel the same.) It took 3 or 4 attempts before the 129 stitches were picked up evenly on one side but mercifully the other side was quicker.

And remarkably, the bands look ok. No flaring to speak of.

Progress on the cardigan has been halted due to the gift knitting. 3 or 4 pairs of mittens and a lacey drawstring bag.

More pics, you've guessed it...


* These pics also courtesy of the Lovely Lisa of TIK.


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