Monday, December 3, 2007

Yarn Smoothies...

An unexpected trip to Dublin on Saturday morning allowed an unscheduled visit to TIK ...where I was hit with these beauties! They're quite spectacular up close, so beautiful and marbley and tempting. All that yarney goodness busrting to get out. And the knitting needle 'straw' is a winner! Haven't you always wanted to take a sip from your favourite yarn?

I'd just like to congratulate the Fairy Godmothers on another winner, and I hope they do well. They're a fabulous gift for a knitter - to give or to receive (which is less blessed I know, but still...).

I nearly wouldn't care what project was in them, they're just so nice to look at. As it happens, I don't actually need one, given the crises proportion healthy state of the stash and the numbers of projects not even started yet, but I was still really tempted by the Aysen Scarf kit. Since when has 'need' actually directed yarn purchase?

And...not only...but also...they have a Party Scarf kit complete with Swarovski crystals packaged in a lovely organza bag. €22 I believe. Yum.

Ah well, when my knitting nieces are old enough some of these will be heading their way.

Go check 'em out!

And yes, an unexpected visit to your LYS does result in unscheduled yarn purchase. Your Stash Defenses are down y'see.

This is for my very 1st felting project. I had a notion to try a felted bowl, like in 'One Skein', but was sidetracked by this lovely yarn. Introducing 'Soho' from Debbie Bliss. I don't think it's dense enough for a felted bowl but I'd like to try a felted bag.

Maybe a wide clutch style to hold a small knitting project, like socks or mittens. Or a pouch style for the traditional purse/keys/phone.

I got 2 balls, so that's 130 yards altogether...sorry, metres. I'm guessing that I go up a needle size to assist in the felting? or up 2 sizes? Or should that be down a size?

I'm a Felting Virgin, so any suggestions for an online pattern to follow or amend would be received with interest.


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