Friday, December 14, 2007

So, how old is Jesus anyway?

Description: A recent discussion between NicKnits and NicKnits beloved eldest daughter of 6 years, Little Monkey.

Scene: driving to school

Setting: in the NicKnits car

Little Monkey in a tone that indicates she is or is about to be up to something: Muuummm...what does Christmas celebrate?

NicKnits: Well..........

Little Monkey: I know I know I know! It's to celebrate Jesus's birthday!

NicKnits: That's right pet, it's Jesus's birthday.

Little Monkey: old is he now then?

NicKnits: (......silence!)


I did finally manage some kind of an answer about how infinite and universal Jesus is etc. and she says that it doesn't matter how old Jesus is, he still helps everybody in the Whole World.

So there.

And that includes you.


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