Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tudura: Contrats to Cheryl

Wow, the Winter Knitty is up. Already.

And it's great. Lots of interesting things here that I like. Mostly the accessories (given that I'm not exactly a waif). This and the previous Knitty issue had more that appealed to me than the earlier ones for a long time. No judgements, just sayin'.

I'm definitely making this for Little Mouse, this and this for myself and this for pretty much everybody else. There may be other neckwarmer things around, but nothing approaching Tudura for sheer dash and simplicity.

Congratulations Cheryl, it's genius. I can't wait to get started! Plus those are very chic and sassy pics.

Edited To Add: Congratulations also to Carol for Doddy in the same issue. Yay Irish Knitters!

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