Monday, December 31, 2007

Hat Trick

Another recent purchase to help with the Stash Control was this lovely hat box (from Dunnes Stores) for special yarn storage. I've recently acquired some silk yarns which in my view deserve an extra special storage solution. Besides, that Stiletto really looks like it means business! This-Yarn-Is-Precious-Approach-With-Reverence it says.

(PS: The box holds quite a lot and I shouldda got some more while I was there. Sigh.)

Anyway, ta da!

Lid off!

Lovely innit? There's some Louisa Harding, some Rowan Tapestry, some Hipknits Silk and Hipknits laceweight and some silk from a UK shop who were at the last Knitting & Stitching Show and whose name eludes me. The Yarn Something they were called. I'll check later and get back to you.

I've no idea what these yarns are going to turn into, but I can't wait to find out. There isn't enough of anything to make a garment so I'm thinking some lace scarves perhaps, but am anxious now about whether they'll show the lace stitches well enough - since the Louise Harding Grace Silk & Wool turned out to be a bit fuzzy. Just have to try some out and see I guess. As always, suggestions are most welcome.

Isn't that blue colour in the centre just divine? It's a kind of Midnight Blue shade with a fantastic sheen. Sigh! Who cares what they become. I'm just happy they're here!

Happy New Year to ye all!


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