Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Secret Project Success

So...the Secret Knitting Project is completed and has been presented to it's new owner. She was delighted I'm glad to say.

It was a relatively easy task to turn this....

...into this...

And, what is it exactly?

Er...it's a Gift Bag / Evening Bag I guess. I presented it with a little candle inside, but my friend wants to take it on the town as an evening bag...or would if it was lined that is. (Note to self, line the bag.)

Like I said, it's essentially a swatch of Snowdrop Lace with some eyelets at the top followed by a flared edge with a picot finish. This pic gives a better view of the makings of it, tho' it's a little dark I know. A curse on Knitting Pictures, they're tricky, eh?

I did make many some mistakes but left them in for (hah!) authenticity as a handmade gift. And so's not to offend the Gods.

In this pic you'll notice that some snowdrops are not so much drops as drips...the top one is 2 rows shorter than the lower one. Dunno how that happened. I didn't think the lace definition was great in this yarn, but come to think of it I didn't block it due to lack of time.

And yes, I could've should've knitted it in the round but I was in a hurry and couldn't figure out how to convert the stitch pattern into the round easily. Would have been nice to avoid the pesky seams.

Anyway, I make no great claims for it as a work of art but my friend LOVES it, and HER friends were impressed. Now there's a result for a knitter.

Here you can see how luminous and lovely the yarn is (Louisa Harding Grace Silk & Wool). Not all of that sheen is the darned camera flash.

I mentioned that I'd learned something on this project. What on earth possessed me to create a double flare (i.e. increased in every stitch in 2 rounds, 1 round apart) on the edge of something that was going to be gathered?


Mind you, it does make for a nice little posey at the top, n'est ce pas?


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