Monday, January 28, 2008


And finally some knitting....

What's that you ask?? Is she gonna abandon the WIPs (Debbie Bliss Fitted Cardigan, Jolly Green Giant and countless Ms Potter Mittens) and throw herself into this? Oh how could she!

No, indeed not. But it IS a lovely thing, and every time I browse through the book I stop at this picture and think....

Wouldn't it make a lovely stitch for a wrap?

Well, wouldn't it?

Yes indeed it would.

Visualise it with the long rib section being the length of the wrap with the drop-stitch lace pattern at either end, and some drop stitches randomly up and down the length.

Hmmmm (thinking).....with the right yarn it might take on an aspect of Peacock feathers...

...and with the right edging it could be a thing of beauty....

(more thinking) add some beads...



So I swatched some of the stitch pattern... lovely... easy...s..t..r..e..t..c..h..y!

I used Louisa Harding Grace Silk & Wool and it's a perfect yarn for a wrap or scarf...soft, silky, sheeny....and a lovely drape. On mature reflection the resulting fabric is sooooo stretchy I'm not sure that it would be right for a wrap - too much shrinkage.

I might knit a bit more (that's no hardship) and take the block-it-and-see route.

Less than successful artistic window shot but you can see how open the stitch is when stretched.


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