Monday, February 4, 2008

Manos del Uruguay

On Friday I paid a visit to The Yarn Room at their HQ in Moneystown Co. Wicklow, which just happens to be only 3 or 4 miles from where I live. I had a lovely visit with Stephanie, knitter and proprieter, which included tea, toast and lots of knitting talk. Fab.

I had a happy hour or so fondling and oogling soberly assessing the yarn and naturally, I came away with more for the stash. It's this baby, above. Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend in Red. Scrumptious. It looks like a really good weight for a lace wrap/scarf that I'm planning.

And besides then there's this...

Believe me, I don't do hats...and they don't do me. But Stephanie had this little beauty made for herself (in green) so I was able to try it on. It looked and felt lovely, and I think it's not the worst hat style for my particular head. And yes, I've cast on already and I'm 2 or 3 inches into it.

(I did have some problems with the pattern, but that's for another post.)

Funny enough, that was the same day that Aileen posted her very own beret pattern. Must have been something in the air. Go check it out. Doesn't it and she look just beautiful? Think I'll have to make one of these sometime also.

I got some of these also, and I'm delighted with them. I don't know if they're tough enough to live in my house however, since Little Monkey used one to open some (light) plastic wrapping yesterday and it snapped like a twig*. You should have seen her trying to hold both pieces in the same hand in a straight line so I wouln't realise what had happened. Very funny. needles. What's not to love?

(Yes, Ed. I know I have other projects to finish. Just shaddup! You want me to tell the people what you were doing Saturday night? Yeah right. I didn't think so.)

*Edited to Add: HAH! Of course it 'snapped like a twig'. It IS a twig!


WorstedKnitt said...

The yarn is gorgeous!

Leslie said...

Funny you, of course it snapped like a twig. Loved the yarn, yum!

Karen said...

Bad enough that they snap like twigs while being used for their intended purpose. Monkeys shouldn't be allowed to mess with the twigs. LOL.