Friday, May 9, 2008

How to make visitors feel welcome? Knit them something!

Yesterday, myself and some friends some friends and I were enjoying the sunshine in the garden.

You know that magic equation.

Kids + sunshine + popcorn + sausages + friends + knitting + chatting = Happiness

Anyway, A____ had brought an unusual friend to the party. I'm not sure if he's an alien or an amphibian creature, but he had a good time and told some good jokes.

Here he is on the deck, calling for beer. We didn't give him any, he's too young.

A___ wondered if he was entirely at home with the Irish weather as it was warm, but not especially sunny that day, and a bit breezy.

Being a fearless young knitter with a kind heart, she whipped out her needles and yarn. Casting on lengthways, she knit a few rows.

Allakazam! In a flash she had a scarf to take the edge off the chill.

Doesn't he look happier now? I'm sure that's a smile that I see.

Well done A___!


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