Monday, May 19, 2008

Something else entirely

Darn that shadow on photo!

Once upon a time, fadÓ fadÓ*, long ago long ago, in a time far far away, I used to do tapestry (and cross-stitch). I found this hibernating project recently and now harbour fantasies of actually finishing it.

It's from a book of Medieval Tapestry by Candace Bahouth. I have a particular love of medieval art and architecture and I LOVED this book. It's full of colour and texture and delicate imagery. I can see that my current love affair with knitting books comes from the same place.

There were delicate nosegays (what on earth are those?), medieval gardens, lions rampant and fleur-de-lys all over the place. Heaven. (Mind you, there are some tapestry waistcoats which are absolutely hideous. I choose to pretend they don't exist. De-nile, that's the most healthy way, eh?)

This is a cushion cover, detailing flowers from a medieval garden, including fruits. See those delicious strawberries? Yum.

I'm delighted to see that the colours of the wool haven't faded at all - in the 6 years or so since I've seen it.

See, what happened's like was a lot of work...really a LOT of work....and I was running out of steam when I eventually came to the border, which is a sort of scroll work in several different shades of brown....and I just got fed up of it. Utterly and completely sick-to-death of it.

Might have to get back to it tho'. I love it all over again. Not so sure about the cushion cover now tho', my ancient piano stool needs a new seat.


* NB: Gaelic language for 'long long ago' - used in childhood stories in place of 'Once upon a time'.

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