Sunday, October 12, 2008

Far far away

Greetings to you from far far away.

Bizarrely I´m in Buenos Aires for the weekend - for work of course.

It´s an amazing city. Very Spanish (of course, given it´s history). This is where we had dinner last night. On the Dock I mean, not on the ship. Or was it breakfast. 14 hour flight from Paris, and 4 hours behind Ireland timewize. The jet lag is peculiar.

I´m leaving tomorrow afternoon for home, arriving sometime on Tuesday afternoon. I expect my brain to be at least 10 hours behind the rest of me.

And I did bring knitting, but not a second spare for it. I´m waaaayyyy too tired to read a chart, or string beads. Never mind. It´ll be a well-travelled scarf at least.

Oh, and in case you´re wondering. It´s very humid - and lashing rain.


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Yvonne said...

Good to meet you too! I'm afraid I might have been a bit scatty on Saturday, trying to keep myself from curling up on the floor to sleep :) Always great to put faces to names though!