Monday, November 3, 2008

Knittin' & Stitchin

Well! The show was great people. Just. Great. I went on Friday with my Mum and the girls. There was lots an' lots of yarn related stands and lots an' lots of paper/cutting/cards/stamping/glitter stuff for Little Monkey.

Especially glitter. She was waaaayyyy happy I can tell you.

Foolishly I had thought that since Little Monkey is now old enough to be interested in the show that I would be able to look at knitting stuff. WRONG! She's interested alright, but not in yarn, and Little Mouse, apart from a conveniently times nap just didn't want to stay in the buggy - so I didn't get much peace to look at what I wanted.

I did get a few great things however for some Christmas gift felting projects from The Yarn Room (thanks Stephanie). More info in a later post.

And some embroidery sets as gifts and/or to make at a future date. When I have some spare time. Hah! (** sound of hollow laughter)

Anyhow, this was just my excuse to dash up to the show without children on Saturday morning. Boy was I glad. I got to talk to far more people at the fabulous TIK stand and also to get to the Debbie Bliss Seminar, which I really enjoyed.

Believe me, the irony of falling head over heels in love with not one but TWO of Debbie Bliss recent designs less than 1 hour after commenting that they were starting to look very same-y is not lost on me.

Knit Passion No 1.

Mathilde from Winter Essentials

What can I say? Anyone who was at the seminar can attest to the stunning beauty of this piece. The silkiness of the yarn, the sheer delight of the design and the beautiful flow and drape of the fabric. Words fail me.

So I tried it on. And OK, I'm somewhat more round-y that the model, but I still loved it, and it looked great on everyone there who tried it on. I ran downstairs and invested. They were out of the grey-sheeny colour in the pic so Lisa suggested Cashmerino DK 31, a sort of moody grey green. It's lovely an' all, but I'm having some doubts about the colour and may decide to wait until the silver grey is available or even No 32, a sort of dark maroon which is more my palatte.

It's not like I'll be able to cast on before 2009 in any case, so there's no rush.

Knit Passion No 2.

Ribbed Collar from Como

Now with this, I've no hesitation at all. It looked really great on everyone who tried it on and I've been litereally dreaming of it ever since.

Oh yes, I got it in red of course. What else. all my fellow knitters and crafters who went to the Ball Show, I hope you had a wonderful time and got something that will enchant you for many moons to come.

Ah, next year!!!


Yvonne said...

That grey dress looks great in real life, although I would have passed it by in the mag. Good luck with it!

Nic said...

Apologies to the commenter whose comment disappeared from this post. Dunno what happened. Sometimes I hate computers!

PLEASE come back and comment again.