Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Taking No Chances

Turns out that sponge painting with the kids and knitting an off-white sleeve are incompatible activities.

(Don't worry, no knitting was hurt or damaged on this occasion.)

I kept looking at my knitting longingly and moving it further and further from the centre of the paint storm and finally took it out of the room altogether and put it on a high shelf.

You really can't take any chances with 2 gleefully paint spattered and over-excited children. The Deadline Knitting schedule takes a serious blow.

But...unrealistic knitting optimism is a powerful force of it's own. I can still crank out a couple of elf hats an' boots by Thursday morning, right?


I said RIGHT?

Thank you. I thought so too.


1 comment:

Carol Feller said...

Of course you can finish! - I've got a cardigan front, toddler jumper, skirt and hat by the end of the month and I'm sitting here quietly confident that I can somehow stop the passage of time and finish effortlessly.