Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well, I'm not usually spooked, but how would you interpret the following occurrences over the past few days:

- the power unit/transformer for my laptop started squeaking (seriously, it squeaked) over 2 days and suddenly died. Dead. Nada. Zilch.

- on the very same day the motherboard on my laptop had to be replaced due to a faulty network connection.

- squished my fingers in a window hinge. An accident, and yes, it was agony. This is the worst item to report. Knitters will understand.

- hit a pillar in my own driveway and severed a wing mirror entirely from it's moorings i.e. the car. Absolutely amputated. It's a good thing that a car isn't a living creature or it would have been a bloodbath. Good thing the hubby is a dab hand with an electric drill.

- got utterly lost on a visit to a familiar neighbourhood (in which I grew up). I blame the recent development of roads and the introduction of a one-way traffic system.

- the light bulb blew in Little Mouses's bedroom.

- the light bulb blew in my bedroom.

- the light bulb blew in the hall.

- lost my mobile phone temporarily (a minor event, it turned up within 3 hours).

- the base unit for my cordless phone appeared to fail. Turned out to be a wonky wire.

- ran out of petrol on a short local journey (rescued by a kind neighbour - THANK YOU!)

- burnt more than my usual amount of saucepans while chasing kids around the house.

- Little Monkey opened a set of paints on the car and exploded blue paint all over her good outfit and the car upholstery. A blue bloodbath.

- lost my mobile phone (again) - a major event as it didn't turn up for more than 36 hours.

- and just last night when I opened the dishwasher, a jet of hot water and dishwasher powder shot straight into my eye. Unbelievably painful.

This morning I was afraid to get out of bed in case a piano fell on my head.

If we meet up, I suggest that you sit at another table.

A jinx?



I hope so.




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