Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Project Diving

Lately I've been trying to sort out the many many many bags, drawers and boxes (and saucepans, shoeboxes and baskets) that contain yarn, fabric, projects, WIPs and various craft abandoned items which will be really useful someday but not just now.

I can't deny that I have a hoarding disorder. I even collect materials for crafts that I don't actually do. I've the makin's of several lovely quilts, altho' my sewing machine hasn't been threaded since I hacked made some curtains when we moved into our house 15 years ago. FIFTEEN!!!

Hmmmm. Now that I think about it I'm starting to worry about the embroidery kits I got at the Knittin' 'n Stitchin' Show recently. I'm starting to see a pattern of unfounded project ambition here.

Anyhew...I've been trying to sort things out a bit and I came across this little beauty in amongst the stash. It's a pattern called Flore from this website.

I loved making it - tho' I didn't find it easy at all. It was pretty tricky, but a great challenge and very rewarding when it was finished. Kinda like the buzz you'd get working out a complex mathematical problem. If you liked that sort of thing. Come to think of it, it WAS a maths problem!
(I stress that the pattern was perfectly well written and clear, it just took some concentration and visualisation. No criticism of the pattern itself intended.)

It actually makes people gasp. Unlike many of my other handknits, I have trouble pursuading people that I made it. They probably think I'm delusional.

Now, I am delusional about many things;

- like that I can still get Little Monkey out to school within 5 minutes although she's only half dressed, can't find her shoes, hasn't finished her homework and she's currently chasing Little Mouse under the dining room table.

- like the true size of the clothing I should bring into the fittingroom

- like how much I need a particular yarn or project tho' I can hardly get into the yarn/junk/box room

- like I can meet my urgent knitting deadlines in November

But this?

This is real baby.

I love knitting.


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