Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reality check


Well, reality set in about a week after the Knitting & Stitching Show. Several knitters have warned me of the liklihood of the Cashmerino DK pilling on the Wonder Dress Mathilde (Rav link).

I know it's not the 'fault' of the yarn per sae. It's the merino element of the yarn coming to the surface. And I know that it's possible to 'shave' the knitting and restore it's glory. I get that.


I just don't think I could bear it. It's going to be such an investment in time, knitting, yarn...(oh and yes, the knitting budget) for it not to be lovely.

Does that mean that I'm not going to knit it? Nay, nay, say it not.

So I'm looking for a substitute yarn. I'll be able to check out other projects over the next little while (thanks Ravelry!) and see what alternative options are.

The Ribbed Cape however is going to be a winner. I've no problem with some pilling here as it's an outdoor garment and somehow needs to be more robust and work harder than Mathilde.

A knitted dress is entitled to look dainty - (or as dainty as it can do when it's not on a stick insect).

In the meantime, there's frantic knitting on the Secret Project and the Christening Jacket.

All good.



Anonymous said...

Rialto DK would work I think - it's a real hard-wearing workhorse according to the TIK girls, and it comes in the most beautiful colours...

Nic said...

Thanks Laura,

Yes, Rialto DK is a likely alternative, tho' I have heard pilling reports about this too. I have some stashed for DB Sophia so I'll make this first and see how it goes.


Lien said...

The DB Cashmerino *does* have a tendency to pill lots. I did a pair of Fetchings in it, and that was a bad idea.