Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm a Chunky Knitter

OK, so altho' I don't generally get into stuff that's toooo personal in this blog, while on the road to finishing up some UFP's I have come across a curious reluctance to finish something special.

It goes something like this...I'm a chunky knitter. Not a knitter of chunky yarn on big needles so much as a slightly chunky wielder of the needles.

I'm not sayin' this to put myself down, (something I try not to do, honest) but it has led to an interesting hesitation in completing a UFO which has been waiting patiently to be seamed for over a year now.

I refer to the Debbie Bliss Ribbed Cardigan, the longest UFO on the needles. Waaaay longer even than the JGG if you can believe it.

Given that this project was launched with great fanfare at the start of this blog...(end of 2007) it is not surprising that people occasionally ask about it and...ahem...slag me for not having finished it.

(For an early blogpost go here and here and here for some cardigan related stuff.)

The thing is, you see, is that it's fitted, and ribbed and might not look quite as wonderful as I would like on a curvalicious booty such as mine. I had in fact intended that there would be a little less of my loveliness when the time came to cast off, but life intervened and my plans in this regard are enjoying a somewhat delayed success.

(I'll get there by the way, don't fret, this is my year.)

I conclude the following:

- A great knitting project deserves to be finished, regardless

- and this would finally get it off my UFO list (yay)

- and do I really think that I can't finish it in case it looks cr*p on me?

- so while I'm walking around in other clothes I obviously think I'm invisible?

Get up the yard girl, and finish the thing already.



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