Saturday, January 10, 2009

A little bird...

Well, this was the most perfect project in knitting history. Seriously. It was PERFECT. (By which I mean the glory of the yarn and the style and simplicity of the pattern - not the knitting itself. Modesty forbids.)

Made for my beloved SIL as a Christmas gift. Cast on Dec 26th while waiting for the Christening Coat to finish blocking. (Ok. so the Christmas knitting schedule was under pressure), it travelled to France for the weekend, and was finished on 30th, felted, blocked and buttons added on 1st Jan.

It was gifted on Jan 2nd. and I’m, pleased to say that it was very well received. Like good cooking, it was really a case of getting good results from good ingredients - and then basking in the good responses.

That Artesano Aran is divine. Thru’ caution (or a fortuitius lack of nerve) I didn’t felt it agressively and it kept the wonderful drape of the pre-felted version. I really love the pattern too. I changed the loose flap to a double-button closure, partly inspired by the lovely buttons from This is knit.

Actually the drawstring-with-flap closure is not that practical for a working Mum who has to stuff things into her bag under her armpit with one hand while directing Smallies around traffic and carrying schoolbags, lunches, coats and assorted extras.
However, it turned out so lovely that I’m casting on for mine as soon as I meet StephaniesYarn this week.

Only problem is, what colour? I love this red, but can't really bring myself to knit the same thing twice. Green? Purple? We'll see.

Gusset detail.


Edited To Add...Modifications:
- Knitted top down in case I ran out of yarn
- Knitted the flap and the bag in one piece
- Knitted the bag in the round
- Added buttons and loops to secure the flap closed

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