Monday, January 12, 2009

You might have guessed...

Well, I struggled with this, I really did....but I eventually picked the same fabulous berry red colour for my own Little Bird felted bag as the one I gave away.

The other colours were lovely of course, but just didn't grab me like this one. There's a wonderful orange colour, if you go for orange stuff. A really nice pale green too.

I also have my eye on the lovely cream, grey, brown options for a birthday gift due in early Feb. Hmmmm - looks like I'm destined to have a busy knitting schedule ahead. Just can't Resist The Knit!

I'll probably try some embroidery embellishment on my version. Just to make it a bit different. Cast on yesterday and apart from a few stuupid mistakes with twisting the knitting in the round and miscounting the eyelet row, it's gonna be a snap.

(Famous last words....)



Anonymous said...

Nicky, I have just been talking to Myra who visited two great knitting shops in Vancouver where she bought a great knitting bag, handmade in San Franciso,
I have knitted three tea cosies and can send photos when I get organised.....(wonder when that might be).
Myra and I (and Aoife) will meet in Feb and share some knitting amongst other things. Aoife said that she was inspired by the Wicklow Knitters.

Nic said...

That's great Sheila. Looking forward to meeting up with you all then. secret plan to take over the world with knitting seems to be working. Yay knitting.