Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bridgewater Babes

Well the strategy was a big success. Great chat and merriment took place this morning AND the JGG got a kickstart, so things are looking up.

Mind you, I got home and discovered that I'd been using the wrong needles. Shoulda bin #6's not #8's. Natch! It was bugging me all along that the motifs looked a little bigger on the 2nd sleeve than on the 1st but I was busy ignoring that little voice*. A not-unusal-but-foolish case of continuing to knit against one's better instincts.

Besides I blamed it on the fact that I had to frog the 2 cable motifs down to the rib (don't panic, it was only about 6 rows) and reknit them with the hanging strands.

Anyhow, we're back on track now and 30 or so rows to the good.


*(Anyway, I don't always do what the voices tell me. Or I'd get arrested.)



Leslie said...

Once again, you are funny you! Did you have a good time?

Nic said...

Yup, sure did. Thanks for askin'.

Nice coffee and good pastries. We welcomed some new knitters to the group and met up with knitting pals. There was only 8 of us there (we're just getting started) but we made enough noise for 20.

And people think knitting's gotta be all serious an' all. Sheesh!