Friday, February 27, 2009

JGG Update

Well, after a crazy busy week what's the progress on the Jolly Green Giant?


Yup, a big fat zilch, nought, nil, nada, zip*.


Still, I'm off to meet my people at Bridgewater Shopping Centre, Arklow (Rav link to forum) for a knit 'n nat this morning. For once I won't be peeling children off the walls so I might be able to get in a few rows.

Mind you, with our history of laughing, there's always more 'nat than knit when we get together. Love it.

* proof positive, in case you had any doubt, that as far as blog posts go, I really can make sumthin' outta nuthin'. Hee hee....


Leslie said...

Funny, you are. How was Knit and Nat? Thinking of going to Stitch and Bitch myself shortly..

Nic said...

Knit an' Nat was great this morning, thanks. I hooked up with knitting pals and met some new faces.

And I got my JGG project restarted, which is a great relief to me since I have only 17 days to finish it - deadlines March 17th.