Friday, February 20, 2009

So many plans.... little time.

I can't tell ya how many things I want to knit/design - and how little time I get to do it. 30 mins a day (often less) is not going to create much.

Still, I put a lot of store in the thinking time that you get commuting, cooking and generally doing chores, so there is more time for planning at least in the abstract. Not to mention the lying awake at night after Little Mouse wakes up at 3am for a cuddle. [What do non-knitters think about? I used to worry and fret, but now I daydream about yarns and patterns. Much better.]

How-some-ever, at some stage you do have to get needles and yarn together and dive in.


Plus there's a definite schedule for finishing things (JGG fer instance) which needs to be followed or they'll never be finished in this lifetime. Hope I can knit in the next as well.

Countdown to JGG deadline - 26 days. 1.5 sleeves, 1 front, 1/2 back, 1 original design and chart original front, plus the relevant seaming.

No problem*.


Wish me luck.

* Poppa, if you're reading this. It's utterly a pleasure - honest.



Anonymous said...

G'luck! You'll need it! ;-)

Sara Kay said...

Hi Nic!

Thank you for your comment; you've made me want to keep blogging! I hope some time opens up for you to pursue your design ideas. I'm to the point of looking forward to going to bed and getting ready to sleep because that's when I imagine out my projects as well! It's so much better than worrying about tomorrow, isn't it?

Leslie said...

Oi, You are a funny one. I am gonna stalk, I mean follow you...